Kouros Farro Photography

I am originally from Iran and left that country as a refugee in 1986. I studied Medicine in Germany and lived in Europe long time before settling in the United States. I still practice medicine.

Photography is the ultimate expression of one’s feelings and soul in images captured and created. It can bring out the most creative side of us. The best photos are the ones that will teleport you to that site or time for a moment. How did I get sucked into photography?

I spent countless weekends with my father and then friends mountain climbing around Tehran, with the closest peak being about 13000 feet. I got sucked into nature. I used to play with my father's Yashica Electro 35mm a lot but I did not spend much time learning about photography at that time.

It was when I met my best friend "Ravi" in 2002 during our residency medical training in Madison, WI together that I became seriously involved in photography. He was already a skilled photographer and truly inspired me to push myself and learn more and practice.

Since that time, photography has been my passion, and I am still learning. I love to cruise around in my Toyota 4Runner and Rooftop tent made by Alu-Cab to go far and remote places to spend time in nature and photograph it. I enjoy various types of photography, Landscapes, Pets, Equine, Macro, and Fine Art.

I am hoping one day very soon, this will be all I do, all day long!